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Our properties are all individually owned, reflecting the individual owner's style and taste; they range from really first class to the more simple basic holiday property; the rents give some indication of the standard and position. We have endeavoured to give a fair description in our brochure if you require further information our staff are always ready to discuss your requirements more fully.

Owners of properties on this website have been verified

Unlike Airbnb, HolidayLettings, TripAdvisor, etc... We know and also communicate with our property owners on a regular basis, thus ensuring that your booking is safe and secured.

This also helps us to organise for any little extra's or details and information which can help make your holiday more enjoyable.

Our pricing and offers are unique, and although we do list properties on other web sites they cannot match us for price and will often add extra's such as service fee's, cleaning fee's and additional booking fee's to the cost of your holiday.

  1. The booking of a holiday property described in this brochure is a legally binding agreement for hiring the property for a specified period. It contains rights and obligations which are set out in these conditions called the "Hiring Conditions" and to which you agree by signing the booking form. You should only do so if you are satisfied that you understand and are prepared to be bound by them. Guests do enjoy staying in our very popular character cottages or farmhouses; please remember that many of these were built over 100 years ago. Some of them will have uneven floorboards, low doorways and other quirky features; they were built prior to modern building regulations. They may require additional heating in the winter months, but once warm the thick stone walls will retain the heat.
  2. The Hiring Agreement ("the agreement") is between you ("the hirer") and the property owner. Coast and Country Holidays Ltd. acts as letting agent for the property owner and is not the agent of the hirer.
  3. 1. Bookings
    (a) The person who signs the Agreement certifies by doing so that he or she has the consent and authority to agree the terms of the Agreement on behalf of all intended occupants (including any later added). The signatory must be over eighteen years of age and bookings from young people under eighteen cannot be accepted.
    (b) Where bookings are made by telephone they should be confirmed within 48 hours.
    (c) The booking is not treated as definite, that is, as the Agreement, until Coast & Country Holidays Ltd. has received the booking form together with the deposit of 25% of the total cost of hiring including the cancellation insurance fee and the cost of any additional requirements ("extras") detailed on the booking form;
    (d) Please note a booking made by telephone and not confirmed as above will not be treated as definite and after the expiry of the 48 hour period the property may be hired by some one else.
  4. 2. Payment
    (a) Where a deposit has been paid as above, the balance of the total cost of the holiday must be paid at least 8 weeks before the date on which the hiring is due to start.
    (b) If a booking is made less than eight weeks before the hiring is due to start the booking form must be accompanied by payment in full of all the hiring fees as detailed at paragraph 3(c) above;
    (c) Once the booking has been confirmed and the agreement has come into existence the signatory is personally responsible for the total cost of hiring the property agreed.
    (d) Where applicable VAT is included in the quoted rental and there is no extra charge. Coast & Country Holidays Ltd. as agent for the owners reserves the right to vary the rental should the rate of VAT or liability for it at the date of the hiring change.
  5. 3. The Owners Obligations
    (a) To provide the holiday property you have chosen in a reasonable state of repair and condition, furnished and equipped to a fair and proper standard and in reasonable accordance with the description of the property in this brochure:
    (b) To take reasonable steps to address properly and rectify as quickly as possible any problems which arise with the property during the hiring.
    (c) Neither the property owner nor the letting agent can be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage which may be sustained by any hirer, member of the party, or visitor, or their property however caused.
    (d) We should point out that we cannot be held responsible for any building or roadworks nor any countryside activities i.e. machinery, animals and rural activities carried out at or close to properties.
    (e) Where properties are advertised as having an Internet or Wifi connection available, connections are in no way guaranteed as in most instances the connection is not guaranteed by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).
    (f) Access statements are being prepared for each property, please ask a member of staff.
  6. 4. Hirers Obligations
    (a) To leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. Please ensure particularly that the kitchen and all equipment and utensils and the bathroom are left clean and tidy;
    (b) To pay for any damage and breakages at the property and to the contents before departure;
    (c) To permit the owners or the owners agents including Coast & Country Holidays reasonable access to examine any matter of complaint raised during the hiring and to attend to any resulting repair or rectification or other urgent maintenance;
    (d) Any complaints should be made firstly to the owner/caretaker within 48 hours and if necessary to Coast and Country Holidays so that an investigation can be undertaken and any remedial action taken. It may be impossible to investigate a complaint thoroughly after you have left the property and this could affect or even extinguish your rights. It is therefore in your interest to act promptly.
    (e) Not to share the property with anyone not nominated in the booking form or to sublet the property or assign the booking to anyone else;
    (f) Not to exceed the maximum number of persons stated in the brochure to be allowed to occupy the property. Please note that the right exists to terminate the Agreement immediately without refund or compensation on breach of this or the previous condition (6 (e);
    (g) Any special requirements must be made known at the time of the booking. If you have any medical problem or disability that may affect your holiday, please tell us before confirming your booking and follow up with written details. If we feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned we reserve the right to cancel the booking.
  7. 5. Pets
    (a) Where pets are allowed in a property (this is not so in all properties - please check the the property details) the maximum number is usually two and a charge of £25 per pet per week applies. The number of pets must not be exceeded in any circumstances;
    (b) Only normal domestic pets are accepted and these must be docile and well behaved. Any damage done by any pet must be paid for as under 4(b) above;
    (c) Consent to pets being permitted in any property is in all circumstances dependant upon the type or breed being declared on the booking form and upon there being no variations on arrival at the property. The right is reserved to terminate the hiring forthwith if there has been any material error or omission in any such declaration;
    (d) Pets must not be left alone in the property at any time;
    (e) Pets must not be allowed on to any bedding or soft furnishing in the property and must be provided by the hirer with their own bedding or blanket to protect the owners floor coverings and furnishings; The right to regulate and implement these conditions with relation to pets will vest solely in the owner or Coast & Country Holidays as agent for the owner. Allergies - If any member of the holiday party suffers from an allergy to pets please advise at time of booking.
  8. 6. Cancellation
    The advertised hiring of the property includes entry into the Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme. As soon as a booking is confirmed (in accordance with the process set out in these Hiring Conditions) you are automatically entered into the Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme and may be entitled to a full refund of your rental – subject always to our discretion (as to both the refund and its amount) and to the terms and conditions of the Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme – should you or one of your party be unable to take the holiday. Full details of the Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme can be found at the
    Annex to these Hiring Conditions.

    For the purposes of this clause 8, “Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme” is the protection scheme covering qualifying reasons for cancellation of a hiring, full details of which are included in this clause 8 and the Annex to these Hiring Conditions.

    If, after your booking is confirmed (in accordance with the process set out in the Hiring Conditions), you find that you cannot take it for the following reasons:
    (i) the injury or illness (in each case requiring hospital treatment) or death of a member of your party;
    (ii) a member of your party being required in the United Kingdom for jury service or as a witness in a Court of Law (provided that they have had their written request for an alternative date refused);
    (iii) police requiring the presence of any member of your party following fire or theft at their home or place of business; or
    (iv) accidental damage to a member of your party’s home, occurring within 14 days of the planned depar-ture date or during the holiday and rendering the home uninhabitable,

    in each case, provided that the member of your party in question was named on the booking at the time of confirmation,

    but not including:

    (i) a re-occurring or pre-existing medical condition of any member of the party (pre-existing medical con-dition means any serious or recurring medical condition which has been previously diagnosed, investigated or treated in any way, at any time, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under con-trol);
    (ii) a member of the party commits (or attempts) suicide, self-injury or any wilful act of self-exposure to peril (except where it is to save human life);
    (iii) death, injury or illness of any pets or animals;
    (iv) epidemic or pandemic (or fear thereof) as declared by the World Health Organisation, Department of Health or DEFRA;
    (v) a member of the party being under the influence of drugs (except those prescribed by a member of the party’s registered doctor but not when prescribed for treatment of drug addiction);
    (vi) a member of the party being under the influence of alcohol or solvents or anything relating to a mem-ber of the party’s prior abuse of drugs, alcohol or solvents;
    (vii) cancellation due to the pregnancy of any member of the travelling party when the expected date of birth is within two months of the start of the holiday;
    (viii) cancellation arising due to any circumstances which occurred prior to the date of making your book-ing (whether pre-existing medical conditions or otherwise);
    (ix) hazardous sports or pastimes;
    (x) divorce, separation or personal relationship breakdown; or
    (xi) failure to follow proper medical advice (including medical advice not to travel),

    then, subject to all other scheme conditions being met, we will normally, but at our absolute discretion (as to both the refund and its amount), refund the rental charges you have then paid (or waive rental charges yet to be paid), less an administration fee of thirty pounds (£30.00) – in all cases to a maximum refund / waiver amount of £1,500.
    In all other cases (ie those where the scheme qualifying conditions are not met) we will endeavour to re-let the period made available as a consequence of the cancellation, and if successful would normally consid-er a goodwill refund / waiver up to the value of the re-let holiday less (i) any ‘extras’ paid for at the time of booking (eg. booking fee, pet charges, linen or cot hire etc.) and (ii) an administration fee (30% of the rental charges) should we be successful in re-letting the cancelled booking to a third party) – again, in all cases to a maximum refund / waiver amount of £1,500.
    Our decision as to your claim will be final in all cases. All refunds will be processed in the month following the month in which the cancelled holiday would have taken place.

    Confirmation of Cancellation
    If you have to cancel your hiring for any reason, you must immediately (and in any event within five (5) days of becoming aware of the circumstances requiring the cancellation) confirm the details in writing to us (by letter or email), failing which a cancellation shall not be effective and the terms of this scheme shall not apply. Notices are to be sent to:
    Post – Coast and Country Holidays Ltd, The Old Bookshop, Market Street, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales, SA42 0PH
    E-mail – enquiries@welsh-cottages.co.uk
    In addition, where you consider that you may have a valid medical claim under this scheme, we will re-quire as supporting documentation, that the registered doctor of the relevant member of the party must certify the relevant condition and confirm it was not a medical condition existing prior to the point of mak-ing the hiring and prevents the member of the party from taking up the hiring.

    General Scheme Conditions
    The scheme covers a full refund / waiver only and not a part refund / waiver. If the holiday ends prema-turely after arrival for any reason, no refund / waiver will apply. The maximum value of any refund / waiv-er will be £1,500.
    The scheme begins upon the date of booking and ends at midday on the day the stay commences (or up-on the actual start of the hiring if earlier).
    You may opt out of the Holiday Cancellation Protection Scheme should you wish to do so but the agreed cost of your holiday will remain payable in full.
    The scheme does not apply to any hirings made by customers resident outside of the UK. You are rec-ommended to make your own cancellation protection arrangements in respect of such hirings.
    Once your booking has been confirmed you will remain liable to pay the full amount of the agreed charges notwithstanding any cancellation or purported cancellation. This scheme provides for the only re-imbursement / waiver of agreed charges that will be made in respect of your hiring and only upon the terms of the scheme outlined in this Annex.
    We recommend that you take out your own cover for any issues not covered by this scheme, including specifically pre-existing medical conditions and other claims arising from circumstances which occurred prior to the date of making your booking.

  9. If due to circumstances beyond the control of the owner or Coast & Country Holidays the property booked become unavailable for hire all monies paid will be refunded in full or the Hirer will be accommodated if the Hirer so wishes in an alternative property at comparable price but the Hirer shall in such circumstances have no further claim against the owner or Coast & Country Holidays.
  10. Please note that all properties hired must be vacated by 10.30am on the morning of departure and due to requirements for cleaning and replacing bed linen etc. are not available for occupation before 4.00pm on the date the holiday is due to start (I.e. The start date you have booked your holiday for).
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