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Tretower Court and Castle

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Tretower Court

Tretower Court

A medieval fortified manor house built during the 14th century. Tretower Court is situated in the village of Tretower on the A479 and is open to the public daily. Managed and looked after by Cadw, it is one of the best examples of a manor house from its period. There appear to have been four phases of building work but close inspection of the walls shows many alterations with arches and doorways being blocked up and opened when required.

After a thorough inspection of Tretower and the Castle, why not grab lunch at the nearby Nantyffin Cider Mill Inn situated at the junction of the A479 and the A40 - a short distance south of Tretower Village.

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Map showing location of Tretower Court and Castle in Powys

Great Hall at TretowerGreat Hall at Tretower Inner courtyard of the courtInner courtyard of the court

The Castle

Originally a Motte and Bailey construction, the castle has been through two more transformations to become what it is today. During the 12th century a stone keep was added and later on the great tower and curtain walls were added. Although badly weathered the castle still retains some of its former architectural details - mainly in the form of the details surrounding the windows.

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Tretower CastleTretower Castle Inside the Round TowerInside the Round Tower
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